Get to Stitching!

Are you interested in hand embroidery, but not sure where to get started? Already stitching, but want to increase your stash of stitchy supplies? Then I've got you covered, with a monthly box that includes everything you need!


1. Sign Up!

Reserve your first box - supplies are limited, so don't hesitate! Boxes are mailed on or around the 4th of each month.

2. Get to Stitching!

Included in your box is a password to an exclusive tutorial video. Grab a glass of wine (or juice!) and stitch along with me in real time!

3. Show and Tell! 

The best part of the process is sharing your work with the world! Make sure to tag me (@hopebroidery) and use #hopebroideryBOX on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

What's in the box?

The Hopebroidery Box comes with at least $45 of stitchy materials, including: hoop, fabric for two projects, full skeins of embroidery thread, Instagram-worthy embroidery scissors, needle, needle threader, a full pattern and accompanying password to a video tutorial, and more! This box is perfect for somebody who has never stitched before, because I've done all of the curating of supplies for you!

When can I sign up?

I open the box up for subscriptions between the 1st and 11th of each month. For example, new subscribers who sign up between December 1st and 11th will receive their first box in January. This timeline gives me enough time to source the materials for each box.

When do I receive my box?

The Hopebroidery Box is mailed out on or around the 4th every month. For example, if the 4th falls on a Bank Holiday or Sunday, I'll mail your box the next available mailing day. PLEASE NOTE: If you're not in the United States, PLEASE contact your shipping provider and ensure that you will not have to pay additional fees upon the arrival of your box. Many countries require that you pay a (sometimes hefty!) fee upon the arrival of materials from a company in the United States. 

Help! I can't afford to do this every month!

That's totally fine! Feel free to subscribe, un-subscribe, and then re-subscribe at a later date. If you want to cancel your subscription before the next box is mailed out, you MUST cancel before the 11th of the the month prior (for example, if you don't want the February box, you need to cancel by January 10). Otherwise, you will be charged, and I won't be able to issue you a refund. 

I have a suggestion for future boxes! 

If you see something in the craft store, on Instagram, or on Etsy, and you think, "Wow, I wish that would come in a future Hopebroidery Box," then email me a link to the product! I'll see if I can make it happen. 

I want my pattern in a future box!

My goal is to include other artists' patterns in future boxes so that subscribers can learn all sorts of different styles. If you have a pattern that you'd like to contribute, email it to me and we'll talk! If your pattern is featured in a future box, I'll send you the full skeins of embroidery thread you need to complete the project!